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Sagnik Mitra

Sagnik is currently pursuing his B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering at Sister Nivedita University. He is an ML & AI Enthusiast and a passionate Graphics Designer. He has been the Lead Designer & Content Manager for Code Tigers and currently the Campus Ambassador & Branding Representative of Coding Blocks.

Certified Microsoft
Technology Associate

He has Microsoft Technology Associate Certification in Introucton to Python Programming, Security Fundamentals, HTML5 Development, Database Fundamentals, Software Development Fundamentals

Summer Trainee,
Machine Learning

Sagnik has finished his Summer Training of Machine Learning under Indian Engineering Teachers' Association

Campus Ambassador,
Coding Blocks

He is now the Campus Ambassador and Branding Representative of Coding Blocks from June 2020

Design & Content Lead,
Code Tigers

He has been a Core Member, Design & Content Lead of Code Tigers, Techno India Group from April 2020

sagnik's Blogs

Technology has always been a source of innovation, inspiration, and challenge for me but the one thing that kept me engaged in this field is its vast impact on our daily lives. I loved Computers from early childhood and was curious to know how things work that ended up breaking parts. But those broken parts taught me how to rejoin things.

Note 5 Pro - The Forgotten Leader

You will say that why a 2018 smartphone discussion in June 2020. I have used many smartphones in the under 10000 range, but still, Note 5 pro is one of the most stable and reliable smartphones I have ever come across.

Smartphone Pillars: Price Segment

Before choosing smartphones or any Technical Gadgets, you should first finalize your budget. Smartphone has different price segments. Though there is no clear divider between the segments, I am trying to separate them as clearly as possible.

Realme X2 Pro - The Unsung Hero

After a long time, I saw a perfect 'extremely' value for money smartphones that checkmarks almost all the necessary requirements and luxuries too. It is none other than Realme's First Flagship with SuperVOOC 50W Charging and one of my most

Building your First Snake Game

Can I build a snake game now? I am a beginner. Yes, there are many videos and Programmes to build a Snake Game but what is rare to find is something that doesn’t need any graphics-intensive coding. I made this earlier this year and the exciting part is its

Editing Samples

Growing up from Childhood, I always liked to create PPTs and Designs and that damn habit luckily didn't get rid of me and I am blessed to be connected with many people not through my Technical Skills, but my Social Engineering & Soft Skills. Here are some of them. Not the appreciations,but the smile on their faces and happiness on or off the phone is everything for me.

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Decov Megahackathon Teaser 2020


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